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Why we love working with charities


June 18, 2021

At Little Man Project, we want to make a difference. Not just to our customers but the world at large. This is the main reason we only create bespoke elearning for charities at Little Man Project…well, nearly!

The nearly is because although 99% of our clients are charities and the remaining 1% are organisations that are doing good. This includes a team within Motability Operations helping dealers support people with disabilities through the car selection process. So that’s our yardstick; if you are an organisation making a positive impact or have a project that will, we are up for helping. Let’s face it, there are plenty of other elearning companies happy to help businesses and large corporations.

This speciality is something we have chosen. It has been led by Gill’s core beliefs as our founder and developed by the people who have joined our team who are driven by a desire for the things they create to make a positive impact.


We work with charities because:

  • We know we are contributing to something bigger, something important. We can honestly say that some of the projects we have worked on have made a big difference to people and, perhaps uniquely, in some instances saved lives.
  • We love working with people who are passionate about their topics and causes. Most people in the charity sector work there because they believe in charitable work and/or their charity’s specific cause. This translates into their projects, and that is always inspiring.
  • We get to learn a huge range of topics. Part of our role during a project is to understand the subject to translate this for learners.  This means we have an opportunity to learn things we would never normally know about, from reproductive health in a humanitarian setting to animal care. This means our view of the world gets bigger and bigger the more we do, great for us personally and great for us to share with other charities.
  • Every project has creative challenges, but the ones we work on, due to the nature of the topics, are more creatively challenging. Although sensitive topics such as drug addiction, abuse and suicide can be distressing, we have to manage our own responses to provide sensitive solutions and ensure the learner can connect with the content in a meaningful way. This requires sensitivity in the language we use, visual representation and the interactions we use.
  • They need us. This isn’t us bragging but a reflection of the bespoke sector. We have heard from many of our clients that it can be hard to get other elearning companies interested in single module projects, which is often what charities need. We also know that most charity budgets don’t stretch to the standard 30-minute module fee charged by large and medium-sized elearning companies.
  • We care, and we know we can help. A bold statement, but we honestly get excited about our projects. A client said yesterday, ‘if you can translate our obvious excitement on this topic into our module, it will be great’ and honestly, how can you not get excited about new topics and things that will make a difference. This passion for our work translates into creating unique solutions that drive change, not just deliver modules on topics. We also know we are in a unique position to support charities because we have worked with a huge range of charities and on charity specific topics over the last ten years. This means we understand the particular challenges and needs of charities.

If you share our passion and want to work with a charity elearning specialist that understands your needs get in touch.

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