Why LMP hired an Instructional Designer who hadn’t heard of Storyline.


July 25, 2023

Hi, I’m Rosie and I’m new here. And not just to Little Man Project but to the whole elearning world. Well, new to the design and build side of things anyway. In my previous life, I worked in the care sector, so I have completed my fair share of elearning. Modules sent out to us to complete with an undertone of: Complete the test at the end. Score 15 or above. Print it out. Stick it in your file. Job done. A file full of certificates and a brain full of… nothing. No learning absorbed, no knowledge to apply. As I said, I’m new and no expert, but if you see a problem within your workplace or organisation, I’d put money on it that a multiple-choice quiz isn’t going to fix it.


Now here I am. On the flip side- creating elearning instead of completing elearning. Having seen module after module of churned out content, with what felt like a one-size-fits-all approach, I’m now getting to see excellent examples of elearning. Examples the learner can see themselves in, examples the learner can relate to, examples where they are told stories that stir something in them. And a story that stirs is a story that sticks. The care profession is steeped in lived experience, so I cannot fathom why this invaluable ‘in’ was never fully utilised in the examples of elearning I saw.


But you know what? It is so hard! I have nothing but utmost sympathy for those Instructional Designers and Developers that spent time and energy on those modules, just for me to click to the end and complete a multiple-choice quiz. And these weren’t even examples of bespoke, built-from-the-ground-up elearning! That’s doubly hard! To meet with a subject matter expert, who is full of knowledge and passion, to take their knowledge and passion, to translate it into a module, whilst not losing any of it, and to send that module out into the world as a solution? Is really hard! Hard, but not impossible. And here at Little Man Project, I have met people doing their utmost to make it happen. Call me biased (or out to win brownie points with the team), but at LMP I have met people who are dedicated to creating elearning that evokes change. I see it in the commitment they have to their clients, in their investment during kick-off meetings, in the weeks they pour into the design process, in the combing through of any text to make sure, and make sure again, it speaks to the learner, in the care, the consideration and the excitement(!) that goes into the build, in the thorough, lengthy (anally retentive?!) Q.A. process and in their diligence to building elearning that is accessible for all.


So yeah, I’m Little Man Project’s newest Instructional Designer and it’s so good to be here.


But how did I get here? Well, I might not have a background in elearning development, but I do have a background in many of the topics that they (or should I now say ‘we’) develop elearning on. I have worked one-to-one with children and adults with autism, I have worked in school settings, I have been a support worker, I have worked my way across the care sector with ages ranging from 0-100 (106 to be precise). I have lived experience I could bring to the table and personal insight into what it’s like to be in those roles. I think the team figured, what better way to build for the learner than to have one in the room?


Edited Note: We also hired her because she’s sharp as a tack, has great attention to detail, is a great writer, is a great fit with the team and makes a mean coffee (OK, we found that one out after).

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