Project spotlight: Looking After Our Customers


Project spotlight: Looking After Our Customers

March 4, 2024


How it started…

Like many organisations, Cats Protection were faced with the task of quickly converting their classroom training to online delivery following an organisation-wide move to hybrid working (after you know what!). This included their Looking After Our Customers (LOAC) programme, which had previously been a two-day classroom course before being converted in 2020 as a live online learning format using MS Teams.

During this time, Cats Protection made a strategic commitment to become a more customer-centric and service-led organisation. This programme strengthened and supported this commitment and their wider work.

After two successful years of running the programme, the decision was made to extend its reach further by asking us (Little Man Project) to work with their Customer Experience team to design a collection of elearning modules. These modules would have three main benefits:

  1. Extending the reach of the course to people working in enquiry handling, centre and shop environments who found it harder to attend classroom training.
  2. Providing people with the ability to learn at their own pace and supporting those working outside of core working hours (for example, those volunteering around a full-time job).
  3. Allowing the Customer Experience team to capture data from learners that helped them understand the perception of customer experience across the organisation.

The aim was to equip and support Cats Protections’ customer-facing roles with a deeper understanding of the concept of customer experience and give them strategies and tools they could use to deliver a better, more customer-focused service.

The programme was also mandatory preparation for a one-day workshop that was delivered across the country where teams took an active role in designing customer experience journeys so they could map goals, touch points, pain points and develop customer personas.

Our involvement…

As their preferred supplier, we have had the pleasure of working with Cats Protection for many years. Part of their strategy has also been to develop content in a style that was specific to the needs of the content. So, each module uses a different design style. This is a useful approach when you deliver a lot of content via elearning, as it ensures each experience feels unique to the learner. For this project, we came up with a soft visual approach that provided the best opportunity to include diversity in the characters and flexibility when animating them. The result of which was really visually rich and interesting. It also allowed us to build backgrounds and scenes that were specific to Cats Protection while also being generic enough to not feel like specific geographic places.

We worked with the Customer Experience team to identify the individual topics that would guide learners through the topic. This included:

    • What is customer experience?
    • Understanding customer expectations
    • Interacting with our customers
    • Measuring customer experience
    • Customer journeys and relationships
    • Customer personas

It was important to us that each screen transitioned seamlessly from one to the next, so the modules felt more like interactive animations than static screens. We also wanted to incorporate fun elements to engage and surprise learners. This included a ‘family fortunes’ style game and a whole module based at the circus  (for no other reason than it was fun!).

The feedback on all the modules has been amazing. We have had particularly enthusiastic feedback around the use of inclusive characters, not just in age and ethnicity but in body shape and interest (for example, one of the cat fosterers is a keen biker).

Learner feedback…

“It broke down giving great customer service into bitesize, easy-to-remember and thought-provoking sections. It also gave you the chance to reflect on the customer service you give and also that you receive.”

“It’s given me loads to think about how to apply this more to my current role and to keep thinking about my customers’ perspectives. The whole course felt very relevant. Learning about the metrics side was really interesting.”

We also know the audience well enough to include cats at every opportunity, so long as it was safe for them to be!

Following the success of the modules, we were also asked to create four standalone animations telling four customer stories. These animations were then used at the start of the customer journey workshops to facilitate this journey mapping.

To our delight, the Customer Experience team embraced the visual design of the modules and animations. This included using a logo design we had created in all their internal communications. However, it was their innovative use of the graphic assets we provided them with that was really impressive. As with all our clients, if we create specific assets for their project, they can request illustrative versions of these from us to support the project’s launch. Mark Gillies from the Customer Experience team took this a step further by printing life-size cutouts of the characters. This meant when participants entered the workshop, they saw familiar characters from the elearning. He also used the assets to facilitate the activity, truly blending the relationship between the elearning and the classroom.

SME feedback…

From day 1, working with Little Man Project felt like working with colleagues in my own team that I had known for years, which is a testament to how much they care about working in partnership with clients and how well they do it.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Little Man Project. From the initial discussion of the project through to completion, it was clear that Gill, Jen and the team were fully committed to doing every possible to make the LAOC elearning a success.

Their creative ideas to gamify and animate the source content where appropriate helped to make the elearning memorable and fun and I was pleased for the project to be used an opportunity to be innovative. Their dedication to creating a diverse set of characters to reflect inclusive values was also very well received by the stakeholders involved in the development of the modules.

The team was always approachable and willing to dedicate time to discussing any changes that were proposed in the module development reviews. Their technical support with setting up data capture from the modules was also an excellent and much-appreciated part of the service.”

Mark Gillies

Customer Experience Best Practice Manager

Photos kindly provided by Mark Gillies. You can find more on his LinkedIn profile.

Some examples of materials, created by Little Man Project, being used by Cats Protection

We have also interviewed Mark for the Elaerning Unlocked Podcast which you can listen to below.  Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast on your listening platform of choice!



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