Five L&D Podcasts we love!


February 7, 2024

To celebrate the launch of our new Elearning Unlocked podcast, we thought we’d do a review of our five favourite podcasts.

We have a long way to go before we reach their calibre, but as you add them to your lists, perhaps you could add our little endeavour too. After all, we are the only ones talking about the design of elearning specifically for charities.


1) Mindtools L&D podcast

With over 370 episodes, this weekly show has the most episodes to binge. Hosted by Gemma Towersey, Ross Dickie, Owen Ferguson and Ross Garner, this show attracts experts from across L&D. They manage to create a balance of being easy to listen to while also being challenging and informative.


2) CIPD Podcast

Another long-standing podcast with over 200 episodes, this feels more like listening to a BBC show than your peers in L&D. The content is just as good, and you will find lots of things to learn and apply.


3) Marketing for Learning

This podcast is full of practical ‘how to’ information on marketing your department, training and even building a learning culture. It’s easy to listen to but be warned, if you usually listen to your podcasts on the go, then be prepared to listen again with a notebook to record all the new things you want to do.


4) Learning from the Edges

We love Michelle Parry-Slater. She’s not just a lovely person but provides amazing insights into everything she does, so it was a given we’d love her podcast. If you haven’t already, make sure you’ve read her book and follow her on LinkedIn! This podcast explores the potential friction that can be found in the workplace and talks to experts about how we can remove the barriers that get in our way.


5) The eLearning Guys Podcast

This podcast has been around since 2016, and although the posting schedule is sporadic and nothing new has been added in a while if you use Articulate Storyline, this podcast may still be of interest. Hosts Nejc Žorga Dulmin and David Charney are experienced developers that love talking about building elearning and sharing their experiences.


We hope you’ve found this useful, and don’t forget to follow Elearning Unlocked!

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