Free video Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion collection for charities


Free video Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion collection for charities

October 21, 2021

Regular blog and newsletter readers will be familiar with our recent focus on inclusion in elearning which included a talk from Gill Chester at a Charity Learning Consortium members event.

Well, we are delighted to hear that the Charity Learning Consortium has launched a collection of videos on Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI). This is the result of a project, spearheaded by CLC CEO, Martin Baker that is their response to a need for guidance and advice in this area.

The aim of the project was to educate people on the lived experiences of people facing discrimination and provide strategies and guidance on how to better implement EDI in their organisations. It was supported by a range of volunteers including EDI managers, EDI strategy experts and people who have suffered discrimination throughout their lives.

The collection contains over 250 bite-sized videos and covers all aspects of diversity and inclusion. It can be found on the Clear Lessons platform, a free video platform, at

The site also contains animations and talking-head style videos on a range of topics such as Leadership & Management, Fundraising, Volunteer Management, Workplace Wellbeing, ‘Going Digital’ and more!

The best thing? These videos can be used on their own or as part of your own programme.

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