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Bespoke elearning can save your charity money


Bespoke elearning can save your charity money

March 14, 2022

In this article are giving you ten reasons why commissioning your own custom elearning could save you money. Yes, you read that correctly, save you money! This includes charities that are lucky enough to be a member of the Charity Learning Consortium and receive access to their large collection of off-the-shelf elearning, videos and animation.

Here we go….

  1. It will maximise learner engagement – Learners are more engaged if the elearning feels, sounds and looks like your organisation, people, and culture.
  2. No repeat costs – You own it. Although there is an initial cost, this will be recouped over time, which means after a while it will be free to own.
  3. In-depth learning – Bespoke and custom modules can focus on a deeper level of content to ensure the learner’s needs and organisational objectives are being met.
  4. It can save learners time – You may be thinking about the cost of bespoke content from the perspective of the cost to create, but have you factored in the time it takes learners to complete content that isn’t relevant to them. For example, a 30-minute module that only includes 15-minutes of content they need, will waste learners’ time and reduce the impact it has on them. Targeted, bespoke modules are designed specifically to meet your needs and ensure learners don’t waste time.
  5. It is tailored to the learner – The language and content are pitched to the learner and their capabilities. This makes it easier to understand and apply to their role.
  6. It can include relevant stories – Authentic stories and scenarios allow learners to reflect and apply what they have learnt. This means they are challenged in a meaningful way which increases learner engagement.
  7. Save time in the classroom – Elearning can reduce the amount of face-to-face training required. Instead, keep classroom training for when needed, such as Q&A with experts and peers and live practice of skills. This will save on travel and trainer costs.
  8. Create a library of resources – Some suppliers (including Little Man Project) will provide you with any graphics specifically created for your module. This means you can use them in future elearning, presentations and elearning launch materials (like posters, merch etc.).
  9. Content is up to date – Bespoke can be kept up to date, making it feel relevant and ensuring it continues to be compliant and in line with your organisational culture and legislative changes.
  10. Tailored learning goals – Learning focuses on areas of concern to increase compliance and resolve organisational issues.

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