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Case Study

Client: Stroke Association

The Objective

The Stroke Association approached us to create a new course on speech production and swallowing based on a storyboard and graphics that they had developed internally. The interactive course needed to be created quickly and in Articulate Storyline using Stroke Association templates and brand for their Life After Stroke Services Coordinators to use and refer to.

The course needed to assess learning, without mandating a pass rate. The main objective for Stroke was to free up internal resources for other projects through outsourcing the production of this module to us.

The Solution

We worked with the Stroke Association’s Learning & Development Manager, Kyla Lacey-Davidson to ensure we understood their learners and their requirements. Where appropriate we enhanced and complemented existing design.

Little Man Project developed the module in Articulate Storyline and, as with all of our projects, the source materials were handed over to allow the Stroke Association to make future updates in house. Overall the module constituted 30 minutes of learning and included interactions and quizzes.


“Little Man Project were incredibly responsive and sensitive to our requirements and this was reflected in the drafts and final deliverables. Gill was fantastic in drawing out from me all of the detail and nuance that she needed to be able to produce something on brand and in keeping with our house style.

LMP consistently met agreed timescales, often exceeding expectation with fast turnaround times and thoughtful questions to ensure the content was right.”