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Case Study

Client: St Mungo’s Broadway

The Objective

St Mungo’s Broadway is a charity celebrated for its innovative and unique approach to supporting people with homelessness. Following an internal Learning Needs Analysis by Learning and Development Officer Toju Cline-Cole a new organisational learning and development strategy was formed. The new induction solution took the form of a blended learning programme that provided a cohesive solution encompassing local induction, e-learning modules and a face-to-face workshop. We were delighted to be commissioned by St Mungo’s Broadway to deliver a suite of eight e-learning modules for new employees and volunteers.

The main objectives were to give users:

  • An exciting introduction to the charity.
  • A good understanding of the organisation, their ethos and approach.
  • Support in settling into their new role.
  • Experience of real clients stories.
  • An introduction to key organisational activities and their work with clients.
  • An opportunity to explore the work of central departments and how this helps client-facing activities.
  • Relevant policies and procedures by focuses on their role.

The Process

As with many of our clients the development process was very collaborative. This project was however very unique in terms of the mentoring approach that was taken.

In practice this meant Little Man Project;

  • Were completely transparent throughout the design and development processes.
  • Provided training on rapid development processes to give St Mungo’s Broadway the skills to manage e-learning projects in the future internally and/or work effectively with commercial suppliers in the future.
  • Worked with St Mungo’s Broadway to support their SME engagement.
  • Regularly worked on site to engage with stakeholders and fully understood the organisational needs, approach and ethos.
  • Little Man Project produced the module within Articulate Storyline and provided Storyline training to allow St Mungo’ Broadway to take complete ownership of the materials after project completion and reduce their ongoing costs.

At the end of the project the module was uploaded and tested by Little Man Project onto the St Mungo’s Broadway Learning Management System.

The Solution

Eight e-learning modules were produced in sixteen weeks using a rapid development process, which made up 4.5 hours of content. These modules were designed and developed by working in partnership with St Mungo’s Broadway to ensure that they meet their needs and reflected their culture effectively.

The e-learning modules were structured using simple user determined menu navigation to enable users to explore at their own pace. The learning modules also included videos and audio from a number of their stakeholders including personal stories from clients. It was important that this area was treated sensitively but had the impact it deserved therefore in one resulting module the client was shown in silhouette and the learners clicks to play audio from a client describing their experiences. This proved to be an extremely powerful way to support St Mungo’s Broadway’s aim to embed their clients at the heart of the induction process whilst handling the sensitive nature of this topic.

The modules also including lots of interaction through the use of relevant stories and scenarios, quizzes and activities.


“Right from the start, working with Little Man Project has been a fantastic experience, they took the time to understand our needs and worked non-stop to deliver an excellent product.

We will continue to work with Little Man Project to support continuous improvements on SmartStart through consultation and a mentoring scheme for our in-house learning and development team.”

Toju Cline-Cole, Learning and Development Officer


“St Mungo’s Broadway Staff Induction Programme was revised after listening to the opinions of managers, staff, volunteers and clients during a training needs analysis. This approach of putting our stakeholders at the heart of everything we do is one of our core principles as an organisation.

We are delighted with the modules created by Little Man Project. The feedback from users proves that our strategy is the right one for the ongoing success of our organisation and our ability to deliver quality training and learning interventions without negatively impacting upon day to day operational services.”

Mike McCall, Executive Director of Operations


“ I am really pleased with the end modules and I am sure that our partnership with Little Man Project will continue to go from strength to strength.”

Peter Coley, Head of Learning and Development

The Impact

St Mungo’s Broadway project a reduction in on-going costs and a cost saving of over £200,000 over five years through moving to a blended learning programme incorporating the e-learning induction modules.

Initial findings and feedback have been excellent. New staff are completing this content significantly faster than was possible using purely a face-to-face model.

One module which requested anonymous feedback on learner experiences showed that 75% had not used e-learning before and that 100% of users would recommend the e-learning to others.

The new programme has also allowed St Mungo’s Broadway to provide more of a steer for Managers with regard to their role and responsibilities during the induction process. Managers have welcomed the new approach and following launch, the overall perception of e-learning seems to be much improved. This resulted in an unpredicted increase in requests by Managers for access to the St Mungo’s Broadway LMS and existing off the shelf courses (usage has gone up by 50%).

The success of the launch is paving the way for St Mungo’s Broadway to drive their learning and development strategy and as a result they will introduce further blended programmes over the next three years.