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National Autistic Society

Women and girls on the autism spectrum

Winner of the Training Journal Awards 2019 not-for-profit programme of the year, this ground-breaking module supports clinicians involved in the diagnosis of autism, as well as members of the public who have been diagnosed, are seeking diagnosis or have a loved one in that position.

We began the project with a content workshop with the National Autistic Society online training team and used Cathy Moore’s Action Mapping process to identify the goal of the module which allowed us to focus on the best approach for the design.

The resulting module includes numerous opportunities for learners to practice their diagnostic skills and learn practical things they can use when working with women and girls during the diagnostic process.

The other key requirement was the need to present clinicians with the moving personal experiences of women and girls. This would ensure that they understood the diversity of the different characteristics of autism, so a correct diagnosis could be made and missed diagnosis avoided. To support this, we used a range of quotes, video testimonials and case studies.

The module was initially hosted on the National Autistic Society’s online learning portal at no cost for the first year. It then became part of their resale offering.

More information about the impact of this module is available in this short video.