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Case Study

Client: National Autistic Society

Women and Girls On The Autistic Spectrum


We worked with the National Autistic Society to design and develop a 120-minute e-learning module on the topic Women and Girls on the Autism Spectrum. The module will be hosted on the National Autistic Society’s online learning portal and is available at no cost for the first year.  The module is designed specifically for clinicians and other professionals involved in the diagnosis of autism in women and girls but is also expected to be used by members of the public who have either been diagnosed, are seeking diagnosis or have a family member in that position.

We began the process with a content workshop with the National Autistic Society online training team. We used an action mapping process to identify the goal of the module which allowed us to focus in on the best approach for the design.

One of the key elements of the module was the need to present clinicians with the personal experiences of women and girls.  This was a clear factor in ensuring that they understand the diversity of different characteristics of autism, so a correct diagnosis could be made and missed diagnosis avoided.   This included the use of quotes, video testimonials and case studies.

Feedback during the beta testing from the review team, many of which are autistic women, was excellent.


Usage Statistics

We saw an incredible response to the Women and Girls on the Autism Spectrum Module in just the first three weeks since we launched it, on 21st March 2018, so here are some high-level statistics for you, which highlight just how popular this module was during it’s initial launch:

  • 2009 – People accessed the course page.
  • 468 – have completed the course, and out of that number 347 were Professionals, 85 selected I am a parent/guardian of someone who is autistic, when prompted for their connection to autism, and 51 people have completed who told us they are autistic.
  • 1182  – have started/ are in progress.
  • 359 – have not yet started.
  • In total 1453 People accessing the course are Professionals!

To show just how successful the course has become, within our first year of launch the number accessing it is over:

14,700 users


Feedback from Women and Girls on the autism spectrum

Thank you for the wealth of knowledge the course has provided me with.


Thank you, I’ve struggled all way to my 40s to make pieces fit, gave up and constantly trying to fit into be like everyone else whilst battling alone with being me.


Great referencing and excellent knowledge and research shown, great to be able to easily access information within module.


Thank you for offering this training, it was FASCINATING!


Twitter Feedback

Did this module myself last week. Would highly recommend it

Shelby Mercer


Completed the New Women and Girls online training from @Autism, so many things I had not considered before and helpful in understanding the differences #autisticwomen may experience #AutismAwareness

NAS Thurrock Branch


I just did this module yesterday and It is absolutely amazing!!!! I wish everyone would be forced to do it! lol

Heather Bryson-Banks


I’ve completed this and can totally recommend it x

Sue from the Brew