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Custom elearning designed and developed for charities and nonprofit organisations to inspire and create change.

All of our bespoke digital learning solutions are designed specifically for your learners and your charity's needs. Guided by learning theory, we will work with you to create a truly unique solution that delivers the impact you require.

See examples of our custom elearning in action.

National Organisation for FASD

My Brain, Me and FASD

2020 may have been a difficult year but that only made the highlights sweeter. One of those highlights for us was the opportunity to work with the charity, The National Organisation for FASD, to develop a bespoke and interactive elearning journey for children who have Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).

This custom elearning module was based on a printed document the charity had produced and was designed not only to bring this to life but specifically for the needs of the children using it.

For a more detailed overview and a video of the elearning module being used, you can check out our blog here! Or if you would like to have a go yourself, you can visit the bespoke module on the FASD website here!


National Autistic Society

Women and girls on the autism spectrum

Winner of the Training Journal Awards 2019 not-for-profit programme of the year, this ground-breaking custom elearning module supports clinicians involved in the diagnosis of autism, as well as members of the public who have been diagnosed, are seeking diagnosis or have a loved one in that position.

We began the project with a content workshop with the National Autistic Society online training team and used Cathy Moore’s Action Mapping process to identify the goal of the module which allowed us to focus on the best approach for the design.

The resulting custom elearning module includes numerous opportunities for learners to practice their diagnostic skills and learn practical things they can use when working with women and girls during the diagnostic process.

The other key requirement was the need to present clinicians with the moving personal experiences of women and girls. This would ensure that they understood the diversity of the different characteristics of autism, so a correct diagnosis could be made and missed diagnosis avoided. To support this, we used a range of quotes, video testimonials and case studies.

The module was initially hosted on the National Autistic Society’s online learning portal at no cost for the first year. It then became part of their resale offering.

More information about the impact of this bespoke elearning module is available in this short video.


British Heart Foundation

Data handling, IT security and PCI regulations

We had the pleasure of working with the British Heart Foundation to develop three custom elearning modules covering data handling, IT security and PCI regulations.

These compliance modules focus on practical changes in behaviour to create the biggest impact and use a combination of short stories, games and humour to keep the modules fast paced and interesting.

After a successful launch, we created standalone workbooks for use by the charity’s volunteers, particularly those working in the retail area who don’t currently have access to the BHF LMS.

These workbooks are visually based on the bespoke elearning but included custom text relevant to their use as a printable document.

Cats Protection

VCP at Home

We partnered with Cats Protection to convert their 4-day volunteer management training course into a blended learning programme that included 12 custom elearning modules, regular live online learning sessions and context specific activities. The resulting programme, VCP at Home, was shortlisted for a Training Journal Award in 2019 for their Best Use of Technology category.

The VCP at Home programme supports a mix of Cats Protection staff and volunteers responsible for the management of their volunteers. Participants come from a wide range of backgrounds, expertise, knowledge and experience and the programme had to reflect and meet these needs.

After an initial review of their face-to-face programme, we put forward a design for the new blended approach. We then worked with the project team to identify the goal of each section and the best approach to reach this goal. This focused time together allowed the Subject Matter Experts to develop source materials specifically for the agreed design, essential when building a programme of this size and complexity.

The custom elearning we developed includes a range of treatments such as a toolkit the learner develops throughout the programme, context-specific scenarios and exercises to allow them to apply their new knowledge.

Topics in the programme include:

•    Volunteering and the law
•    Recruitment planning
•    Attracting the right volunteer
•    Volunteer inductions
•    Managing risk
•    Managing change
•    Conflict and problem solving

Leeds University Union


We worked with the Leeds University Union (LUU) team to design and develop a suite of three bespoke elearning modules. The aim was to promote and encourage more inclusion in the clubs and societies run by volunteer committees.

Topics included:

  • Leading by example
  • Creating an action plan for your committees
  • Creating safe spaces
  • Building your membership through inclusion
  • Organising and running inclusive events

The bespoke elearning modules included a wide range of custom graphics that showed the unique elements of LUU (its campus, building, clubs and activities) coupled with the university’s diverse population.
Animations were used to bring concepts to life while focusing on key takeaways for student committee members.

The Prince’s Trust

Fun and engaging induction for new digital mentors

We worked with The Prince’s Trust to develop four fun and engaging custom elearning modules to support the induction of new digital mentors. At the start of the project, we ran a facilitated workshop that focused on what behaviours their learners would need to practice to achieve the programme goals. The team were then able to provide us with focused source materials around the design and structure that we devised together.

The resulting four custom elearning modules take mentors through the skills and behaviours that they will need to demonstrate in their new role.

Topics included:

•   An introduction to The Prince’s Trust
•   Our young people and the challenges they face
•   Working with our young people and the behaviours of a good mentor
•   Safeguarding and your role

The modules included a range of animations, video case studies, storytelling and scenarios. The visual design of the custom elearning modules was based on animated characters The Prince’s Trust had been given by a supporting organisation. We used this as the basis on which to create a collection of different characters and assets that were then given to The Prince’s Trust for use in future activities.