Induction Workshop 

November 18, 2017

We work with a lot of charities to develop their induction programme for them.  One of the questions they often ask us at the start of the process is ‘what makes a good induction programme’. 


To support a number of the Charity Learning Consortium (CLC) members we decided to run a workshop to support their thinking in this area and help them to get started with designing their own programmes. 


The aim of the workshop was to: 

  • Share Best Practice and form a network/support group to continue sharing ideas.
  • Help delegates to identify the key elements needed in a good induction process.
  • Help to ensure organisations have a standardised approach to the induction process.


Following the workshop, we created report that: 

  • Set out an agreed set of topics for potential inclusion in an induction programme.
  • A draft outline of when interactions and activities might happene.g what happens on day 1, week 1 and month 1 etc. 


Click here to download the report from the day. 

Click here to download our slides.

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