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Client: Hanover

The Objective

Hanover were looking to build a sustainable solution that would allow them to manage updates in-house. Courses needed to be specific to their organisation and tailored to the processes and procedures they had. They also wanted the modules to be very interactive and fun.

We wanted to develop all of the six modules specifically for our estate managers. There are over 500 estate managers at different locations all around the country. We wanted elearning courses that were accessible, appropriate to them and bespoke to what Hanover do
Bob Stevens, Head of Health & Safety, Hanover
The Solution

The six e-learning modules were produced using Articulate Storyline and made up around 4 hours of content.  The modules were designed and developed collaboratively with the Head of Health and Safety at Hanover to ensure that they were completely tailored to their needs and reflected their culture effectively.

All the modules centered on authentic activities based in Hanover’s local environment. This included office settings, residential flats and outside communal areas.   We made use of a number of storytelling techniques to progress the learner through the content in a legitimate and realistic way. This was essential in allowing learners to make a connection with their own setting and how the new knowledge could be applied.

We believe that providing sustainable courses is vital to ensure organisations can take the work we do with them forward.   In this project this included the use of the Articulate Storyline characters to represent Hanover employees and residents.  This provided a cost effective solution for Hanover in the future when designing story lead modules.  We then used a flat design to bring together the Hanover corporate brand with these illustrated characters.  Where appropriate we also customised the characters to fit with the story, this included changing characters clothes to suggest the passing of time and changing them into different positions.

When we started the project we really didn’t see any value in purely pushing information. We wanted more of a practical approach of: this is what you need do; this is why you need to do it and this is how you do it. This approach really translated into the end modules.
Bob Stevens, Head of Health & Safety, Hanover
The Process

The development process for the project was very collaborative; in practice this meant Little Man Project:

  • Undertook site visits to ensure that we developed an in depth understanding of the learner and the context in which they work.
  • Were completely transparent throughout the design and development processes.
  • Adapted our development process to support the client’s specific requirements, this included a requirement to include user testing at each stage of the development cycle.
  • Worked collaboratively with the client and carry out face-to-face reviews so that content could be enhanced dynamically.
The Impact
We achieved our project goal to provide accessible and accurate training courses and I am most definitely more armed with knowledge about the process of creating good elearning.

We would absolutely recommend Little Man Project, the end modules are great and were really good value for money. What we have done with these six courses has set the bar very high for the future of elearning at Hanover.
Bob Stevens, Head of Health & Safety, Hanover